Unitag Vcards

VCard is a service offering Digital Business Cards, enabling customers to grow the network faster and with more engagement from their prospects.

Unitag Docs Screenshot

When a user scan a VCard, several options are available:

  • The scanning user see the VCard and can choose to save the information in its contact application; which will create a contact with all information filled from the VCard.

  • The scanning user can chose to send back his information to the owner, which will generate a new contact in the Dashboard of the service.

  • The scanning user can see more than just contact details from a VCard: Social Networks links, attached document, videos of presentation all of those can be integrated within the VCard.


Although a VCard created and shared will be display in English or French depending on the device language or location, the application to create a VCard (within your dashboard) is available in French only. If you are not a french speaker, read carefully the documentation and contact our client Support if you are having difficulties setting up your VCards.