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Unitag offers a range of products that fit any business size and needs.

Our Enterprise Solutions can fit the most demanding projects while our Ecosystem has a wide range of essential products to help empower your company with QR code technology.

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Enterprise Solutions

unitag packaging


Our solution helps enhance shipping packaging across different countries and abide by various regulations, leading to less paper printing and more efficiency.

unitag vCards Pro

vCards Pro

Digital Business Card for businesses where branding matters as much as networking (coming soon in other languages).

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Unitag QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code

Offering a unique QR code generator with advanced "after create" flexibility and built-in customisation.

Unitag analytics


Advanced analytics tool to track and utilise engagement data for better business decisions.

Unitag atlas


When a high volume of QR codes is the need, we can process batches via "one-click" spreadsheet sharing.

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