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Unitag is proud to introduce Wine Label, a new product in our ecosystem resulting from a partnership with Occitanic

wine label

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Wine Label is the solution to dematerialise composition and nutritional declaration of your wines

Following the European law on ingredients and nutritional information on wine bottles, we decided to accompany our winemakers by offering them a dedicated application. Our partnership with Occitanic allows us to offer the alliance between the best QR Code technology and the simplicity of expertise in wine digital tools.


Customisable design, HD, all formats, all resolutions...


Simple and intuitive, automated entry, translation in 24 languages...

wine label

What if we tried?

Before discovering the details of the functionalities, a bit of concrete information will help you to better conceptualise the purpose of Wine Label.

By scanning the QR Code opposite, you will access the nutritional sheet of a test vintage created with Wine Label.

wine label
wine label

Wine Label solution

Strong points

The Wine Label application is specialised in the wine and spirits sector. The simple and intuitive administration makes it possible to manage 10 nutritional records as easily as 50000.


Simple and intuitive dashboard

The administration is designed to simplify the creation, editing and management of nutritional records. In addition, for large volumes, an automatic integration is provided.


Evolving nutritional charts

The nutritional data sheets are elegant, scalable and adaptable to your graphic charter. Our teams follow the evolution of the regulations to ensure your compliance with the law over time. Technological evolutions and adaptations to the legislation will always be free of charge.


The best QR Code technology

Customisable and manageable, our QR Codes give you a lot of flexibility. Export ready, you will be able to choose a different content per country outside the Euro zone.

wine label

Billing and plans


The Wine Label application rates are fixed and sliding scale. We operate on a flat rate basis:


Fixed rates with no commitment

A monthly or yearly fee and the maintenance of the previous years. No surprises, everything is included even a free solution to change provider which is essential to avoid your QR Codes becoming inactive.

We will give you the annual cost over several years to avoid surprises related to the accumulation of years.


Monthly or annual subscriptions

2 possibilities, either you pay every month or every year at anniversary date. For any annual subscription, you will enjoy 2 free months.




10 credits

9,90 €

99 €

20 credits

14,90 €

149 €

100 credits

69 €

690 €

200 credits

149 €

1490 €

more than 200 credits

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(Without VAT)  

Special high volume offers...

We have specific offers for very large numbers of credits for structures such as PDOs, cooperatives, traders, etc.

Included in our subscriptions...

Access to the Wine Label application, creation of nutritional sheets and QR Codes, hosting in France, data security and backup, evolution and maintenance, support and training.

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Who are we?

Unitag and Occitanic, an inevitable agreement

The connection between Unitag and Occitanic was a natural one several years ago. The Wine Label product is the alliance of the technological strength of both companies.

Unitag is a platform specialised in creating QR Code solutions in accordance with the trends of the digital world and the requirements of the users. Its highly advanced technology always challenges the limits of digital technology and creativity.

Occitanic is a platform of specialised business solutions for the wine industry. Its ambition is to give winegrowers the control of their digital image through powerful but accessible tools both technically and financially.

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Occitanic SAS

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Website creation platform and specialised innovative solutions for winemakers.

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Unitag SAS

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More than 10,000 customers use their QR Code and O2O marketing solutions in over 100 countries.

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